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I've mentioned several times that I started questioning my gender identity in the wake of realizing I wasn't straight. There were a couple weeks of deep introspection after that realization, and it was during that introspection that I noticed something in my attractiveness reactions.

When having OMG-Hot reactions towards girls, there was a frisson of something at the end. My introspection revealed that the frisson was ennui over not being able to match that level of hotness.

Hm, interesting. Maybe... I'm not all male? Does my attraction to boys possibly stem from that female part of me? Must think on this.
22 years later, and I have the answers to that:


In which I go into some detail about gender identity, sexual desire, and other questionable topics )
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FandomAsh -- Malinda Lo
TagsF/F, Gen

Summary: Kaisa spent most of a summer teaching Ash how to ride a Hunter and other things. This is one of those days.


A Summer Day )


Oh Internet, my TVTropeFu has failed. What is the TVTrope name for this trope?
The Protag couple breaks up in a huff when one member sees the other member do something that (incorrectly) makes them think they're being cheated on.

You know the scene. Member and Evil person are talking and in the one moment when they're embracing, while Evil whispers Evil Things, the other couple member just happens to walk by the partially open door. Cue DUN DUN DUNNNNN music, dour look on OtherMember, and 20 minutes of Horrible Mistake with inevitable make-up.

It's freaking everywhere, and is probably one of the primal tropes. I just don't know what the canon name for it is.

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So we got the Liam story.

Spoilers, what? )



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