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Watched it. I have thoughts.

Holy buckets did I go squish during the Regina/Robin scene at the very beginning. So. Very. Squish. Had to watch it a couple of times even. I need screencaps, so will have to delve tumblr to find them because I'm sure they're out there. I've been cheering them on ever since Robin fully came on stage and this was the payoff.

Of course it got betrayed at the end, something that strongly emphasized had to be taken down a peg which is why I was strongly tempted to hit stop on the DR with 3 minutes left, which was right as those two were walking into Granny's. Regina can not catch a break, which is a theme that has been dogging her since S1.

We now have A Problem. Regina/Robin has been foreshadowed as a True Love, a fact underlined in this episode, and the canon of this show is pretty clear on what that means in the long run: they'll be together in the end. However, we now have Dead Wife back on the scene who might also be a True Love but that hasn't been established yet. If the show stays true to the mythology they've built, one of those three will be taken off camera at some point which means a two in three chance of Robin's kid losing a parent again. Whatever it is, we're in for a lot of Regina-torture.

Oh, and the time travel plot. Right.

This was a study of contrasts. We had an S1 Evil Queen Regina on the set so soon after the Regina who was shooting Robin 'you are my salvation' eyes, which did a pretty effective job of showing just how far she's come since the bad old days. Rumple was evil, but we see that a lot in flashback anyway so it wasn't as big of a shock; his redemption arc inched forward after the wedding and his contemplation of his dagger. Hook 's arc was somewhat evident as we saw his past self interact briefly with current-self.

And a study of no-contrast. Snow and Charming were the same Back When as they are now, a little different but pretty much just like they were.

Snow/Charming = The kids couple. Storybook-style.
Emma/Hook = The early adulthood couple. They have a lot of themselves to get over, but this might work.
Regina/Robin = The adults, coming around for a second try after both had given up hope that this might ever happen again.

I've always found the Snow/Charming couple boring. This is... probably intentional on the part of the writers.
Emma/Hook is new and interesting. I used to be iffy on the concept, but recent episodes have won me over.
Regina/Robin I clutch to my heart and pet soothingly and whisper sweet nothings to lest it get ideas that it shouldn't happen.

Arg, the time travel plot. Keep forgetting to talk about it.

It was making sure the Snow/Charming pair happens at all, which is foundational to everything else interesting in the show so it had to be saved. Good making the moral choice versus the expedient choice was the setup for next season (moral of this story: if you have to send someone back for time traveling, send the Lawful Neutral people, NOT the Neutral Good ones). It also spent time dragging Emma and Hook out of their own respective asses, which will make things nicer.

OUaT: crazypants plots, but the people are sure fun to watch.
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