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The Advocate:

I know I've spoken of my own bathroom usage issues, but to summarize:
Women are privileged in bathrooms. If a man walks into a bathroom and sees a woman in it, he will turn right the fuck around and leave. It's reflexive. It'll only be after he is outside will he check to see which bathroom that's supposed to be. This happens even if the woman is in front of urinal, I know this because I've bounced several men that way. What happens next depends on the guy; in my experience most will wait until the weirdo is out before going in.

If a woman walks into a bathroom and sees a man there, she is much more likely to react violently.
Trans-men talk about bathroom violence a lot more than the trans-women I know. Or at least it seems that way.

I know my own experiences come from a place of privilege. I have a fair amount of passing privilege, which allows me to use the Women's loo without comment a lot of the time. But I too have used the 'hold it until I get home' procedure when my passing privilege isn't quite strong enough for the women's but strong enough to bounce men out of the men's.

Is this observation true for more people than just me?



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